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Top 10 Reasons to Study Ecology at UW-Madison

  1. Top faculty. We work with well-known, respected faculty who provide ample opportunities for research collaboration, and exciting discussion. You'll have freedom to pursue your own research ideas with a high degree of autonomy and independence, while at the same time benefiting from the expertise of fellow students and researchers.
  2. Interdisciplinary research. With both specialized and interdisciplinary departments, you can choose your targeted research. You have an opportunity to interact with them all to find where your interests fit.
  3. Culture of collaboration. UW-Madison has more ecologists that many universities. Our ecologists are spread across campus in many different departments. But what is really special about UW-Madison is the collaborative culture. Ecologists here are a collegial group, and the boundaries between the different departments are very permeable.
  4. Excellent facilities. UW has great research facilities and extensive library system. All libraries provide training sessions for specialized software and research tips. Each library also offers each department a "specialist" for your field of study.
  5. Great course offerings. You can never take everything that sounds interesting! If you are interested in a course, meet with the professor or email and talk with previous students who have taken that course. There always is some overlap, so it pays to learn from other's experiences.
  6. State-of-the-art training in teaching. If you are interested in teaching, you can earn a Delta Certificate in Research, Teaching, and Learning while you study here. This will help with your job applications if you intend to have a faculty position one day. This program involves taking courses, seminars and planning an internship centered on your teaching interests.
  7. Outstanding benefits plan. Tuition remission, excellent health insurance and other benefits come with your TA, RA, or PA position.
  8. Madison (enough said!). Madison is a GREAT place to live. It has serene nature areas, lively entertainment and community activities, not to mention an excellent bus system (free for students) and amazing bike trails!
  9. Sustainability. Both the university and the city are seriously committed to the idea and practice of sustainability.
  10. Tradition. There is a wonderful tradition of the study of ecology and a sense of space, place, and history among academics and WI residents. You'd be joining the ranks of John Muir, Aldo Leopold, John Curtis, Gene Likens, George Schaller, Edward Birge, Chancey Juday, and <Enter YOUR name here>