Welcome, and thank you for considering graduate study in ecology at UW-Madison. Our graduate degree programs offer incredible diversity and flexibility owing to the breadth, depth and number of ecologists on faculty. Because ecology programs are de-centralized, the variety of options means you are likely to find one (or more!) that meets your goals. Also, the de-centralized nature of Wisconsin Ecology facilitates interdisciplinary research as well as research within the traditional areas of ecology. Your degree program will serve as your local affiliation, but you will be part of a vibrant community of ecologists that spans the campus.

At UW-Madison, graduate students in ecology earn degrees in their advisor's department or a degree program in which the advisor can accept supervise students. Coursework is tailored to a student's research and career goals, but degree programs vary in their fixed requirements. Students have access to the wealth of expertise on campus because graduate advisory committees include faculty from multiple departments. Because the student-advisor relationship is so important, you should identify faculty members with interests that overlap your own, contact prospective advisors prior to submitting your application, and submit to the appropriate program.

The strength of ecology at UW-Madison translates directly into excellent graduate training. Enthusiasm and expectations run high, and the culture among faculty and students alike is collegial and collaborative. Please explore the rest of our website and contact faculty or graduate students for more information.