Graduate Certificate

Dear Wisconsin Ecologists,

Wisconsin Ecology is exploring the possibility of offering a Graduate Certificate in "Ecology". Certificates are similar to "minors" for graduate students in that they require students to take courses outside of their disciplinary focus in order to broaden the academic background and disciplinary training. We are welcoming people's thoughts and comments on how to structure such a certificate. In the link below you will see one such proposal that we are entertaining.

The main objectives of having a certificate are to (1) give students an opportunity to build a sense of cohort/shared ecology experience on campus, (2) expand breadth of student experiences with ecology on campus. Additional benefits include (3) increase profile of (Wisconsin) Ecology on campus, (4) improve recruitment, (5) increase interactions among faculty and students.

We are aiming to do this with a structure that carefully balances coursework load and achieves the desired goal of broadening exposure to ecology on campus and creates a sense of cohort among students. We welcome your thoughts and comments.

The curriculum committee:

Don Waller, <>, Chair
Claudio Gratton <>
Erika Marin-Spiotta <>