Weston Roundtable Series - Predicting and Explaining Phosphorus Dynamics in Lake Mendota Using Process Guided Machine Learning


Date: Thursday, October 25
Time: 4:15 PM - 5:15 PM
Speaker: Paul Hanson, Distinguished Professor of Research, Center for Limnology, UW-Madison
Location: 1163 Mechanical Engineering, 1513 University Ave.

High phosphorus concentration in lakes can lead to harmful algal blooms that make water toxic and unusable. Predicting lake phosphorus remains challenging, because it is controlled by a combination of physical and biological processes that change through space and time. In this lecture, I will discuss the latest results of a catchment-scale research project studying nutrient dynamics of Lake Mendota. By combining process-based models with machine learning, we have improved our ability to predict lake phosphorus and have discovered how our predictive models might be improved.

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