State and Local Action on Clean Energy


Date: Tuesday, October 23
Time: 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Speaker: Joe Parisi, Dane County Executive
Location: 1115 Wisconsin Energy Institute, 1552 University Ave

As U.S. federal energy and climate policies remain uncertain, many state and local governments are taking steps to transition their economies to cleaner and more efficient energy systems. Join us for a mini-symposium to discuss how and why these governments are taking action.

Keynote (4-4:30pm): Dane County Executive Joe Parisi

Discussion Panel (4:30-6pm):
Sherrie Gruder, UW-Extension Energy Specialist
Kathy Kuntz, Exec. Director of Cool Choices
Stacie Reece, City of Middleton Sustainability Coordinator

For more information:
Contact Scott Williams
Call 6088902199