Aquatic Invasive Species LTE Watercraft Inspector

Dane County Land and Water Resources Department

Dane County Land & Water Resources Department
Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) LTE Watercraft Inspector

Under direction from county Land and Water Resources Department and Office of Lakes and Watersheds staff, responsible for carrying out the duties of a watercraft inspector at select Dane County boat landings.

Examples of Duties
The watercraft inspector will visually inspect boats and other water recreational equipment for attached plants or animals, demonstrate how to clean watercraft and what AIS preventative steps boaters must take every time they leave or enter waterways. Inspector will engage public through the use of educational materials and be able to identify common AIS species in Wisconsin. Additional tasks:
Provide information to recreational boaters and anglers regarding WI laws prohibiting AIS transport.
Collect and record data on standard DNR reporting forms in accordance with the WI Clean Boats Clean Waters program.
Accurately enter collected data to the WI Clean Boats Clean Waters data base weekly.
Preserve any specimens that are potentially an aquatic invasive.
Document any violations of the AIS transport rules and report them to the Water Guard warden from the DNR’s South Central Region.
Assist in training potential volunteers on CBCW protocols.

Employment Standards
Must be 18 years or older and have a valid Wisconsin drivers license and good driving record. Flexibility to attend a Clean Boats Clean Waters training session. Must have use of a computer with internet access for weekly uploading of data to the Clean Boats Clean Waters data base. Must be friendly, outgoing and able to approach strangers and initiate conversations while knowing when to back away from and avoid conflicts. Must be self motivated, reliable, and able to perform duties with limited supervision. Must be able to work a variety of early mornings, late evenings, weekends, and holidays. Such work hours will be scheduled to coincide with peak boat landing traffic whenever possible. Must be physically able to inspect watercraft and trailers for invasive species.

The ideal candidate would be enrolled in an undergraduate environmental science program.

Pay Rate: $15.50 per hour.
Hours: up to 40 hours per week
1 position open from May 22 to September 3