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Bridging Biodiversity and Conservation Science (BBCS) Program, University of Arizona (Tucson)

The University of Arizona Office of Research, Discovery and Innovation, in collaboration with the Institute for the Environment, invites applications for up to four two-year research appointments in the recently established postdoctoral cluster hire, Bridging Biodiversity and Conservation Science (BBCS): Forecasting Future Operating Environments.

The BBCS comprises a team of core faculty, steering committee members, and other affiliated researchers that identified several cross-cutting research projects that use biodiversity as a focal point for interdisciplinary investigation in public health, governance, informatics, and security.

The postdoctoral researchers will contribute to the development of: (i) synthesis papers, (ii) pilot ("proof of concept”) data, and (iii) at least one of several planned major research proposals ($2-5M) that connect biodiversity science with public health, governance, informatics, and security to be submitted during FY2018 or FY2019.

Each postdoctoral researcher will be supervised by the BBCS program manager and at least two proposal PIs (UA faculty members) from different disciplines (i.e., Liz Baldwin, public policy & governance; Brian Enquist, biodiversity science; Kacey Ersnt, public health & epidemiology; Laura López-Hoffman, ecosystem services & public policy; or others as appropriate) who will lead the proposal development with significant contributions from the postdoctoral researchers.

The postdoctoral research associates will be situated in offices of the UA Institute of the Environment (ENR2 Building) and will spend time in the labs or in lab meetings of the respective faculty PIs, and in regular meetings of the broader BBCS team.

The scientific goal of the BBCS program is to build a more robust and predictive biodiversity and conservation science and to addresses emerging, critical issues in human health and well-being, and in environmental, food, and national security.

The program seeks three to four outstanding postdoctoral scholars who have (i) an ability to collaborate with interdisciplinary teams and create novel synthetic research, and (ii) creative insight in biodiversity and conservation science and expertise or interest in an additional targeted research area, specifically public health, epidemiology and emerging diseases; public policy, public administration, and governance; national security; or informatics.

Applications must be submitted online at:

Review of applications begins May 01, 2017.

For more information, contact: Robert Merideth, BBCS Program Manager, University of Arizona



Deadline: Monday, May 1, 2017