VCP/SHA/PLIA Coordinator (Environmental Specialist 5)

Washington State, Department of Ecology

Do you want a job where you'll see the difference you make in protecting human health and the environment right away? Do you want to be a part of Ecology's programs that support economic growth and clean up contaminated sites at the same time?

Anyone who independently cleans up a contaminated site can request advice and assistance from Ecology for a fee by enrolling in our Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP). Cleanups in VCP drive environmental benefits, economic growth, and sustainable redevelopment. This position will serve as the primary VCP contact for Ecology staff and provide a central contact for external outreach that involves statewide VCP policy and program evaluation.

This coordinator will also play a large role in further developing our partnership with the Pollution Liability Insurance Agency (PLIA). The first few months of coordination with PLIA will focus on planning the successful implementation of Substitute House Bill 1266. Additionally, the position will coordinate with Ecology's staff that work on the first steps of the cleanup process, initial investigations and site hazard assessments to help ensure statewide consistency.

The Toxics Cleanup Program (TCP) is looking to fill a VCP/SHA/PLIA Coordinator (Environmental Specialist 5) position. This position supports TCP's strategic goals to Clean Up Sites and Develop the New TCP in support of the Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP), TCP's Site Hazard Assessment (SHA) work, and coordinating with the Pollution Liability Insurance Agency (PLIA). The position will be located in our Headquarters Building in Lacey, WA.

We are looking for applicants who are excited to lead their peers, have great communication and people skills, have experience in project management and aren't afraid to get up and speak in front of a crowd. We want someone with strong listening skills and the ability to facilitate technical and policy discussions.

Protecting Washington State's environment for current and future generations is what we do every day at Ecology. We have a culture that is invested in making a difference. If you want to join a team that is highly effective, collaborative, has leadership that embraces the value of people, Ecology is a good fit.

As an agency, our mission is to protect, preserve and enhance Washington's environment for current and future generations. We invest in our employees to create and sustain a working environment that encourages creative leadership, effective resource management, teamwork, professionalism and accountability. Maybe you've seen some of our recent stories on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or our blog.

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The mission of the Toxics Cleanup Program is to "Protect Washington's human health and environment by preventing and cleaning up pollution and supporting sustainable communities and natural resources for the benefit of current and future generations."

Some of the Key work activities of the VCP/SHA/PLIA Coordinator position include serving as the program coordinator for Site Hazard Assessments, the Voluntary Cleanup Program and serving as a liaison with the Pollution Liability Insurance Agency (PLIA). Examples of main tasks include:
•Navigate conflicting priorities of external stakeholders.
•Coordinate VCP and SHA training including regular all-staff meetings, the VCP steering committee, and other cross-regional meetings as needed. Coordinate with LUST staff and IT as applicable.
•Ensure consistent entry and management of data for VCP, Initial Investigations, and SHAs. Evaluate ISIS and other TCP databases for policy development needs, work with IT on changing or emerging needs for data management.
VCP Coordination:•Ensure constant and regular communication with the VCP Steering Committee.
•Ensure VCP staff know what resources are available to them and how to use them properly. As needed draft, update, maintain program guidelines and user manuals.
SHA Coordination:•Coordinate with regional SHA coordinators to ensure consistent implementation of SHA and initial investigation policies and procedures.
•Program-wide tasks that support the selection and notification of sites receiving Site Hazardous Assessments including the following: ◦Update SHA quintiles and Hazardous Sites List twice a year.
◦Work with the site register coordinator to publish SHA information in site register.

PLIA Coordination:•Serve as the liaison between Ecology and PLIA. Work with Ecology staff and management to identify issues that need coordination with PLIA and provide a central point of contact for PLIA.
•Participate in PLIA rulemaking efforts.
•Collaborate with PLIA on the development of a joint communication and outreach plan to the lending and environmental consulting communities.
•Develop or coordinate development of operational policies, procedures and guidelines. This will often include resolving complicated and emerging issues and developing innovative policy approaches.

This recruitment will remain open until filled. The initial screening will be May 11, 2017 in order to be considered for the initial screening, please submit an application on or before May 10, 2017. The agency reserves the right to make an appointment any time after the initial screening date.

Required Qualifications:

A Bachelor's degree involving major study in environmental, physical, or one of the natural sciences, environmental planning or other allied field and six (6) years of professional level experience in environmental analysis or control, or environmental planning, which includes two (2) years equal to an Environmental Specialist 3 or above.

Additional qualifying experience will substitute, year for year, for education.


A Master's degree in one of the above fields and four (4) years of professional-level experience as required above which includes two (2) years equal to an Environmental Specialist 3 or above.


A Ph.D. in one of the above fields and three (3) years of professional-level experience as required above which includes two (2) years equal to an Environmental Specialist 3 or above.


One (1) year of experience as an Environmental Specialist 4.

Desired Qualifications:
•Knowledge of and experience implementing Voluntary Cleanup Program's policies and processes and Site Hazard Assessment and Initial Investigation policies and processes.
•Knowledge of underground storage tank systems and cleanup of leaking underground storage tank sites.
•Experience using program evaluation and data analysis to develop and implement environmental programs and policies.
•Experience managing cleanups through a voluntary compliance program such as the voluntary cleanup program.
•Experience working with local and state governments, attorneys, environmental consultants, and environmental professionals.
•Experience coordinating between environmental agencies and among technical staff.
•Experience working with technical staff across various environmental areas such as hazardous waste management, water quality, solid waste management, and toxics cleanup.

Special Requirements/Conditions of Employment:
•Must obtain and maintain a valid driver license.