Engineer (Environmental)

NC Department of Health and Human Service, On-Site Wastewater Branch, Public Health Division

The primary purpose of the Environmental Engineer is to provide design, review,
consultative services and technical support to authorized agents (in 85 local health departments across all 100 NC counties) as well as private sector interests. This
includes engineering, procedural and operational issues regarding engineered
subsurface dispersal wastewater collection and treatment systems by applying a
broad base of engineering expertise within a statutory and regulatory context.
Major responsibilities include:
• Reviewing engineering designs and specifications for the design of wastewater systems,processes, and technologies for control, management or quality improvement of
wastewater systems; making approval decisions regarding engineering/technical designs, plans,and specifications for subsurface wastewater systems statewide
• Inspecting wastewater facilities, programs and proprietary products to evaluate operational effectiveness or ensure compliance with environmental regulation and prepare investigation or recommendation reports.
• Providing consultative services to LHD personnel, applicants, consultants, manufacturers and others related to specific programs/projects; advising LHDs, owners, operators, and other government agencies about environmental policies, standards, statutes and regulations;
• Providing technical instruction and skills training on wastewater collection, treatment,
disposal and other issues; developing, documenting and revising training materials per applicable regulations, laws, and standards of practice.
• Providing engineering support to advisory committees, colleagues and management in
process of approving new innovative and experimental system technology to be adopted
in NC often related to materials and methods.


Deadline: Tuesday, June 20, 2017