Postdocs and Research Staff

Photo of Andrew Allstadt

Andrew Allstadt
Post Doc
Advisor: SILVIS lab

Photo of Brooke Lee Bateman

Brooke Lee Bateman
Post Doc
Research Topics: I am interested in linking spatial ecology applications to conservation issues, and improving on species distribution modeling techniques so that they provide realistic, tangible outputs for use in conservation and management actions. My current research examines the effects of extreme weather events on North American avian communities, and the role of habitat refugia in mitigating climate change and extreme events.
Advisor: SILVIS lab, Anna Pidgeon and Volker Radeloff

Photo of Genya Bragina

Genya Bragina
Post Doc
Research Topics: I am interested in dynamics of wildlife populations, especially endangered species. Lately, I have been doing population modeling of game mammal species in Russia and Eastern European countries to explore population trends. I am also interested in spatial and temporal drivers behind population dynamics, namely habitat change, social and economic reasons and so on.
Advisor: SILVIS lab, Anna Pidgeon and Volker Radeloff

Photo of Brian Connolly

Brian Connolly
Post Doc
Research Topics: I am a community ecologist currently focusing on the drivers and effects of plant-consumer and plant-parasite interactions within natural systems. In particular, I am interested in how plant invasion potential is influenced by biotic interactions, how climate change influences plant susceptibility to pathogen attack, and how plants manage cues associated with herbivore attack to develop defense strategies.
Advisor: John Orrock

Photo of Shawn Crimmins

Shawn Crimmins
Post Doc
Research Topics: I am currently working on a variety of wildlife projects including: wolf monitoring protocols, semiaquatic mammal recovery in the St. Louis river, furbearer monitoring and population dynamics, wolf-elk interactions, bobcat ecology, wildlife monitoring on the Apostle Island, and Snapshot Wisconsin.
Advisor: Tim Van Deelen

Photo of Hannah  Gaines Day

Hannah Gaines Day
Post Doc
Research Topics: I am interested in the impact of habitat fragmentation and land-use on insect communities. More specifically, I am interested in how beneficial insects in agro-ecosystems are influenced by local and landscape-scale habitat availability and management. My research focuses on native bee pollinators and pollination services in Wisconsin cranberry marshes.
Advisor: Shawn Steffan

Photo of Simon Goring

Simon Goring
Post Doc
Research Topics: Paleoecologist, physical geographer, and paleoclimatologist. Interested in understanding the links between environmental change and community composition and turnover at regional scales and the links between terrestrial ecosystems and aquatic environments at local and regional scales.
Advisor: Jack Williams

Photo of Martina Hobi

Martina Hobi
Post Doc
Research Topics: In my postdoc project I focus on biodiversity assessments at different spatial scales in the framework of the Dynamic Habitat Index (DHI) project sponsored by NASA. The main goal is to use the DHI based on MODIS satellite data to predict global species distribution patterns.
Advisor: SILVIS Lab, Volker Radeloff and Anna Pidgeon

Photo of Anouschka Hof

Anouschka Hof
Post Doc
Research Topics: I am interested in nature conservation and ecosystem ecology, and have a special interest in predator-prey relationships, meta-populations and interactions between taxa and their environment. I like to combine modelling techniques with fieldwork to get a better understanding of how species are faring, now and in the future. At present I work on a project that assesses the impact of future climate change and different forest management strategies on forest ecosystems and forest dependent species.
Advisor: David Mladenoff

Photo of Tania Kim

Tania Kim
Post Doc
Research Topics: I am interested in how spatial context influences consumer-resource interactions. Currently, I am looking at how land use and landscape composition influences the diversity of beneficial insects (mostly predatory arthropods) and ecosystem services (pest suppression) in bioenergy crops such as grasslands and annual crops.
Advisor: Claudio Gratton

Photo of Christina Locke

Christina Locke
Post Doc
Research Topics: I am interested in how land-use policy shapes the ways people use natural resources. My PhD research focused on how policies like zoning and tax incentive programs encourage or discourage land conservation. For my postdoctoral work with the Gratton Lab, I am creating a pollinator plan for the state of Wisconsin, with stakeholder input and support from the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. Before entering graduate school, I was involved in multiple projects studying pests and native pollinators in agricultural systems. Fieldwork for these projects took me to California's Central Valley, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Wisconsin's Northwoods.
Advisor: Claudio Gratton

Photo of Ilona  Naujokaitis-Lewis

Ilona Naujokaitis-Lewis
Post Doc
Research Topics: I am a spatial ecologist interested in understanding the role of cross-scale abiotic and biotic factors that drive species' range dynamics, especially under anthropogenic habitat loss and climate change. Currently, I am developing climate change vulnerability assessments for a number of priority wildlife species using demographically informed approaches. My questions often include issues of spatial and temporal scale, and I work on a diversity of terrestrial taxonomic groups, including birds and pollinators (primarily bees). I am perennially interested in how to better account for multiple sources of uncertainties to ensure robust conservation actions.
Advisor: Benjamin Zuckerberg

Photo of Karine Princé

Karine Princé
Post Doc/Research Staff
Research Topics: I am a researcher in ecology, conservation and biodiversity. I am currently working on the effect of climate change on wintering bird communities in Eastern North America. In the mean time, I am studying how within-year weather fluctuations can synchronize wintering bird populations.
Advisor: Zuckerberg Lab

Photo of Jennifer Riehl

Jennifer Riehl
Post Doc
Research Topics: My research interests reside largely in the field of ecological genetics/genomics. I am interested in understanding the underlying genetic architecture of adaptive traits in forest trees in general; specific topics of interest include hybridization as an evolutionary driver, local adaptation, and genome-wide association and expression studies. I also have an intense interest how science and natural resource management policy interact from drivers of NIPF land management choices or the incorporation of controversial scientific topics, like species concepts or hybridization, into bureaucratic structures.
Advisor: Richard Lindroth

Photo of Kennedy

Kennedy "Ned" Rubert-Nason
Post Doc
Research Topics: I presently study how aspen trees respond to climate change and herbivory, and am involved with developing new analytical technologies to support ecological research (e.g., HPLC, NIR). In the future, I aim to apply my background in plant-herbivore-environment interactions as well as soil and water chemistry to further understanding of anthropogenic impacts on the environment.
Advisor: Richard Lindroth

Photo of Amin Tayyebi

Amin Tayyebi
Research Staff
Research Topics: We are currently developing a user-friendly spatial decision support system (SDSS) on web for decision makers to assess the impacts of land use changes on a variety of social, economic and environmental models (such as crop yield, net-income provisioning, biofuel provisioning, carbon sequestration, nitrous oxide emissions, surface water, bird habitat, pollinator abundance, crop-pest suppression and soil loss) to achieve a sustainable ecosystem services.
Advisor: Gratton Lab

Photo of Timothy Whitby

Timothy Whitby
Post Doc/Research Staff
Research Topics: I'm interested in soil nutrient dynamics that vary throughout the landscape and how these pools interact with biotic components of the ecosystem, especially with soil warming. Currently, I'm assisting with re-sampling and analyzing numerous aspects of ecosystem structure and function in Yellowstone National Park as secondary succession proceeds 25 years after the extensive 1988 wildfires.
Advisor: Monica Turner