Wisconsin Ecology 19th Annual Spring Symposium

Catherine Graham

We are pleased to host Dr. Catherine Graham, Professor of Spatial Ecology and Ornithology Research at Stony Brook University, as keynote speaker at the Wisconsin Ecology Spring Symposium on March 30 & 31, 2015.

Graham investigates the effect of spatial and temporal arrangement of habitats on ecological and evolutionary patterns and processes and the use of this information to inform conservation and management policy. At a landscape scale, she examines how landscape- and local-level factors influence patterns of habitat use by animals, with particular interest in bridging the gap between landscape and behavioral ecology. At a regional scale, Graham integrates existing data sources such as museum informatics, remote-sensing data, and phylogenetic hypotheses in order to examine patterns of species’ distributions. These hypotheses are then tested with empirical observations. Whenever possible, her lab uses their results to make conservation recommendations.

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Spring 2015 Symposium

Location: TBA

Wednesday, March 30

Thursday, March 31

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