Wisconsin Ecology Job Fair for Undergraduates


2012 Job Fair

Many undergraduates are unaware of the research opportunities in ecology that are available to them. The goal of the Ecology Job Fair is to connect undergraduates seeking work experience in ecology with graduate students, faculty and off-campus ecology-related organizations that need summer field and lab assistants. This campus event will encourage more undergraduate participation in ecology and highlight the diversity of research opportunities at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and its surroundings. In 2019 approximately 85% of the employers hired at least one event attendee and 70% hired more than two.

Information for Employers

We seek representatives from labs, departments and/or organizations to host a table to advertise their open ecology-related positions. The event is structured like a typical job fair. Each lab, department, or organization will get its own table to advertise the research opportunities it has available (field, lab, summer, academic year, etc.). For more information on having a table for your department or organization, please contact Wisconsin Ecology Job Fair leaders Kyle Webert or Neil Gilbert.

2012 Job Fair

Information for Undergraduate Job Seekers

Learn about undergraduate field and lab experiences. Meet grad students, faculty and community researchers who are hiring for the 2018 season. Find out about exciting internship opportunities in the field. Discover the range of ecology research projects happening in Wisconsin and around the world!


2020 Wisconsin Ecology Job Fair

Thursday, February 20
10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Birge Hall atrium